How do I book a photoshoot session?

As soon as we have decided on a date and time for your your shoot pay for your selected session HERE and you will be officially booked and added to my calendar!

Can I put down a deposit? When is the remainder due?

*For for lifestyle/portraits/creatives/bloggers sessions there is no deposit, the full amount is due at the time of your booking.

*For Events of $300+  the deposit to confirm your your spot on my calendar is 50 percent of the full  price. The remainder is due one week before the event.

*For weddings the deposit to confirm your booking is 50 percent of the full package price. And the remainder is due four weeks before the wedding takes place.

Which form of payments do you accept?

Personalized invoice as well as all major credit and debit cards are accepted. PayPal is currently available on the site and an account is not required.

If  I have to cancel will I receive my deposit or money back?

ALL deposits and lifestyle/portraits/creatives/bloggers sessions  are non-refundable. However, I understand that unforeseen events can happen, so your are welcome to push or re-schedule to ONE alternative date.  *This covers any loss in the form of lost bookings.

Do I charge for travel?

I  want to keep it simple for you, so for most sessions there are no additional travel fees. In most cases for wedding packages travel costs are included. But if smaller sessions or events are out of town the travel fee will be added to the required amount.

How long does it take to get the photos back?

*Smaller sessions  of 1-2 looks and local events take about 3-5 days.

*Weddings about 2-4 weeks. Based on the size of the wedding this can take a little bit longer. I know exactly how excited you are to see the final shots, so I do my best to provide you with the final product as soon as possible.

Do I get all the images you take?

I do sort through all the images I take during a session and will take out the obviously best shots. Edit them via Lightroom, add to a dropbox file then send link via email or text. Link stays up for 30 days.. With most session each package guarantee a minimum amount of 10-15 images, but in the end you will get all the most beautiful images.

How should I prepare for portrait/lifestyle/headshots Session?

Good mood and your best attitude is the most important thing!! Make sure you are not stressed, wear comfortable clothes fitting for the season and please feel free to go with with beautiful bold colors and prints.

*Ladies professional makeup and fresh hair style does make the photos look better,

*Gentlemen please be well groomed. Fresh hair cuts always works.

What happens if I’m running late? Will you extend the shooting time?

Please do your best to be on time and call/text if running late. Based on my schedule if running more than 20mins late there’s  a $10 fee for every additional 10 minutes you are late.

Any additional questions, please email me at Let’s book your session HERE.